Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

12.02.08 | Debbie Fero | Comments[0]

BioDebbieFBefore coming onboard at Family Life, I spent 19 years working at a daily newspaper. As Circulation Director, I managed the department whose job was to sell newspapers. Can you imagine if they had newspapers in Moses' day? The headlines would have made those papers sell like hotcakes!

"Extra, Extra, Read all about it!" God parts Red Sea and thousands of Egyptian soldiers perish.  Stomachs (and people) grumble and bread rains down from heaven!  Thirst is quenched with a rock and a stick. Wandering slaves following a cloud by day and fire by night reach Promised Land!

Those were some pretty exciting times! Yeah, it was clear to see that God was at work.

But wait.... He calls Himself "I am" - not I used to be. God is not a "has been" whose miracles are all used up. He makes headlines in the hearts of people everyday!

All I need to do is reflect on my own life to know that it's true. I can look at my children, the work that God has called me to do and the people He has put in my life to see miracles everyday.

How do the headlines of your life read today?



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