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Ken Rudolph's Messages From the SALSA Conference

06.11.10 | Comments[1]

Snuggle up to your computer and listen to all four of Ken Rudolph's messages from this year's SALSA Conference. Each session goes for about 50 minutes to an hour. Session 1 Play Podcast Session 2 Play Podcast Session ...

Gift Exchange

10.23.09 | Debbie Fero | Comments[3]

As part of the staff here at Family Life, one of the ministries that I have the privilege of overseeing is the SALSA Sinlges Ministry. Which is really neat because it was at my first SALSA Conference that I came to know Jesus personally. Now, ...

A New Question for Singles

09.16.09 | Debbie Fero | Comments[23]

I recently read an email article from Crosswalk Singles. It was a part of their He Said/She Said forum. A question was sent in and then two answers were given. One from a male perspective and the other from a female. The topic - how can the church ...