Can't Get Enough

12.20.13 | Phuong Schuetz | Comments[0]

Can I share a little secret with you?  I LOVE ice cream!  Yes, I do.  I could eat it everyday a few times a day!  In fact, when our family first arrived in America we had ice cream every night because it was a new treat for us.  We couldn’t get enough of it for the first few years.  The frosty upstairs apartment with icicles on the inside of the windows did not hinder our daily consumption of frozen dairy!  We bundled up and ate it by the furnace in the living room.  Being so mal-nutritious from 9 months in the Malaysian refugee camp, we had room to put on a few pounds!

Back then, our family couldn’t get enough of many things.  We were “boat people” who had left all our possessions in order to escape communism after the Vietnam War.  The jewels we had brought along as starter money in our new home were stolen by Thai pirates at knife point on the high seas.  Arriving in the U.S. with just the clothes on our bodies, we were physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt.  With grateful hearts, we accepted the many donations of clothing, furniture, appliances, and food items from our sponsoring church, St. Matthew’s Lutheran.  Our dreams of freedom and a new home had finally come true. 

As we became more settled in the U.S., we began to accumulate more and more things.   We couldn’t ever get enough.  Unintentionally, we chased after the American dream of having it all in order to attain success and happiness.  Even after being a Christian for many years, I was still blindsided by the pursuit of this dream.  I believe many years of exposure to clever marketing gimmicks and the influence of the culture had somehow fooled my mind into believing that success and happiness is determined by how much I possess.  What I didn’t realize is that the standard for success is continually changing.  I always need more things to maintain this state of success.  I can’t ever get enough.

How I wish I could tell you that I don’t struggle with the “can’t get enough” frame of mind.  But, I would be lying to myself and you.  Just when I think I am content in having enough, a little voice in my head whispers ever so loudly, “you need more!”  I wonder if this is what Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden when she was deceived by the serpent.  Maybe, she had the “can’t get enough” mentality as well so she had to have the fruit from the one forbidden tree.  Her decision cursed the earth and humanity thereafter.  I also think of King David.  God anointed David as king, protected him and gave him victory over his adversaries.  The Lord was with David but that wasn’t enough for him.  He also possessed the “can’t get enough” mindset which led him to commit adultery and murder.   Then, there is the prodigal son whose “can’t get enough” attitude brought grief to his father as he wasted the family’s finances on worldly pleasures.  Consequently, he caused unnecessary suffering to himself and his family. 

These are but a few examples from the Bible to show us that the “can’t get enough” outlook is nothing new under the sun.  Paul said it best this way, “no temptation has seized you except what is common to man” (1 Corinthians 10:13).  It was a problem for God’s people throughout the Bible and we still struggle with it today.  God referred to it as coveting!  As sinful people in a fallen world, I don’t think we can ever rid ourselves completely of wanting more while on this present earth.  But, what causes us to always want more?  Well, the Bible says that we are designed by God and for God so our hearts are satisfied only when we consume more of Him.  Until we have more of him, we will always be looking for more of everything.   For this reason, I am working daily towards having the “can’t get enough of Jesus” attitude so that I will continually want more and more of God instead of the things of this world.  I urge you to do the same!


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