Borrowed Faith

07.24.13 | Phuong Schuetz | Comments[0]

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned like a child but when I grew up, I put childish things away (1 Corinthians 13:11).  As a child growing up in Vietnam during the war, I remember my grandma’s strong Catholic faith.  I believe it was her unrelenting prayers and trust in God which brought our family through many fearful times.  I relied on her faith a great deal even after she passed away. 

In 1980, when we arrived in Erie Mrs. K was one of the first neighbors we met.   She was wheelchair bound due to the amputation of both legs as a result of a late diabetes diagnosis.  A devout Catholic, Mrs. K.’s faithfulness to God was evident in her attitude and expressions of love for others.  Every other week, I would help clean her apartment and afterwards she would teach me about God.  Mrs. K.’s unwavering faith in spite of her handicap was awe inspiring to me.

In 1994 when I made a profession of faith in Jesus, I relied on Scott’s faith in God to help me believe.  Likewise, it was the faith of many at Weis Library that taught me there is much to be desired in knowing Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him.  Leaning on the faith of others encouraged me to learn about Jesus, it did not move me to live out my faith for I had none.  My faith in Jesus grew only when I continually seek to know Him by reading the bible and talking to him in prayer.

I’ve learned that we can’t live on borrowed faith for long.  There will come a season in life when relying on the faith of others will not be sufficient to keep us afloat in times of great trial.  Those whose faith we depend upon will fail us at times because they make mistakes and at some point their life on earth will end.  Only through a growing relationship with Jesus can we have an unshakable faith that leads to obedience.  

Many of us say we believe in God but live as if he doesn’t exist.  Faith in Jesus means we want to be in a relationship with him.  For a relationship to thrive there has to be continual communication, trust, and heart to heart sharing between the parties involved.  Our earthly relationships will become stagnant and cease to exist if we do not invest precious time and make intentional efforts to nurture it.  This is how our relationship with Jesus works as well.  The depth of our relationship with him will determine the measure of faith we acquire.  If we skimp on our time with him or neglect to seek him out, our relationship with him is dysfunctional at best.  

The bible says that the righteous live by faith and that without faith we cannot please God.  How’s your faith?  Is it genuine or is it borrowed?  Let us not be as spiritual infants feeding on milk but may we mature, being able to feast on the solid food of the Word of God so we can discern the difference between right and wrong (Hebrews 5:13-14) as we live out our faith. 


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