Betrayal - A Novel by Robin Hatcher

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook |

Where the Heart Lives, Book 2

Widowed and trying to run a small ranch alone, Julia feels betrayed by her abusive husband and her mother, who always wanted “something better” for Julia but didn’t succeed at providing that.  Hugh Brennan was betrayed by his father and is now alone, a man with a disgraced “past” but a newfound faith in God. 

While seeking the sisters he was separated from 18 years earlier, he happens upon Julia’s ranch with a lame horse and no money, and stops to help Julia for a season on her ranch.  Gradually, these two people begin to trust and then to care about each other, not realizing that an unseen enemy is working against them.

Robin Hatcher has crafted an engaging story of hope and new beginnings in Christ.  I enjoyed meeting Julia and her faithful dog Bandit, Hugh and the neighbors who care about them.  The friendly and not-so-friendly people of the area were well drawn and rounded out this entertaining story.

Although this is the middle book of a series based on Hugh’s family, it was well-crafted as a stand-alone story.  I’ll look forward to reading the other books based on my enjoyment of this one.

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.)

Christian Fiction, Copyright 2013, ISBN 978-0-8007-2123-7


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