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Tattered and Mended: the Art of Healing the Wounded

07.14.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Non-fiction by Cynthia Rushti Seeing Art and Beauty in the Mending of Broken Lives  I was interested to read Tattered and Mended because I had so enjoyed a fictional story by the author. I was drawn deeper into the book by the analogies ...

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor

06.18.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

A novel by Melanie Dobson Review by Trudi Cook   Four Women, 60 years, Secrets Held…and Released Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor tells the story of four women, Maggie, Libby, Heather and Ella, and the man who loved all of them. It begins ...

To Win Her Favor

06.15.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

A novel by Tamera Alexander Review by Trudi Cook   In the shadow of Nashville’s famous Belle-Meade Plantation, formerly well-to-do widowed father’s small farm is facing difficulties. His sons who could carry on the family name and ...

Summer's List

06.15.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

      A novel by Anita Higman Book Review by Trudi Cook Too many plot lines, not enough details   Summer’s life has not been all easy, and now her beloved grandmother isn’t well. Granny wants Summer to have an ...

When Grace Sings

05.27.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

A novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer Book 2 of the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy Book Review by Trudi Cook   Grace helps when Relationships are complicated  A young reporter (Briley) accepts an assignment – a story he hopes will help him up ...

The Inn at Ocean's Edge

05.27.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

A novel by Colleen Coble When You Don’t Know what You Have Forgotten… Well-to-do young executive Claire Dellamare arrives at the Hotel Tourmaline in a remote part of Maine for an important meeting with her CEO father and the ...

Twisted Innocence

04.15.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[1]

As usual, Terri Blackstock has written a suspense-packed story that will hold your interest.

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain

02.27.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Five years after the life-changing earthquake in Haiti, we’re treated to the story of one young woman’s call to move to Haiti and help.

A Promise in Pieces

10.16.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Fifty years ago, Clara cared for injured World War II soldiers as a member of the Women’s Air Corps. While serving, she promised a dying soldier she would personally take a message to his bride in the US when she returned.


09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Kate Marshall’s life was turned upside-down when her husband and 4-year-old son didn’t return from their fishing trip.

In Perfect Time

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Throughout the war, Kay Jobson has gained a reputation as a good time girl.

All My Belongings

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

What does it take to belong?

An Immoral Proposal

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

An autobiographical story of a poor girl in South Africa under Apartheid.

A Season of Change

06.05.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

In a time when “Amish fiction” has become so popular, A Season of Change manages to be vastly different from any other stories I have read.

Where the Wind Leads

05.09.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

I grew up during the Vietnam War. We heard of terrible things, of young men killed, of anti-war demonstrations, but we did not hear the story as told by a Vietnamese family.

A Road Unknown

04.10.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Elizabeth is tired of constantly helping to care for her younger siblings and wants to lead her own life.

Galmorous Illusions

03.12.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Miss Brenda and the Loveladies

02.20.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Brenda Lovelady Spahn was a successful businesswoman in Birmingham, Alabama, but an unexpected brush with the law opened her eyes to a need.

Princess Ever After

02.10.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Reggie, Regina Beswick, isn’t sure who she is. She went to college and became an accountant with a prestigious firm, but at 28, this southern girl believes she has finally found her “true” destiny.

The Sinner’s Garden

02.10.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Uncle Rip has just been released from prison, where he served time for drug dealing. In actuality, all the characters are imprisoned, by their memories.

A Marriage in Middlebury

11.08.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Charlotte has rebuilt her life in the years after her broken heart.

Glittering Promises

10.22.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Glittering Promises continues the story of Cora Diehl Kensington, her siblings and close family friends as they take “The Grand Tour” of Europe in 1913.

Before the Dawn and Sweet September

10.22.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Charlotte and Bob are nearing their retirement years on their Midwestern farm, when their lives are suddenly turned upside down by the death of their daughter Denise.

On Distant Shores, a novel by Sarah Sundin

08.28.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

  On Distant Shores, a novel by Sarah Sundin Wings of the Nightingale, Book 2 Book Review by Trudi Cook  Courage and Trust in World War II On Distant Shores picks up the history of the 802nd WW2 flight nurses with the life of Lt. George ...

I Saul, a novel by Jerry B. Jenkins with James S. MacDonald

08.28.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

I Saul,  a novel by Jerry B. Jenkins with James S. MacDonald Book Review by Trudi Cook   TWO EXCITING STORIES IN ONE   I, Saul tells two riveting parallel stories.  It begins by introducing the reader to Texas Bible professor ...

Grave Consequences

08.27.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Through the adventures and misadventures, Cora emerges as a strong young woman.

Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck

07.11.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Once Upon a Prince, a novel by Rachel Hauck The Royal Wedding Series Book Review by Trudi Cook Modern Day Fairy Tale Okay, maybe you say – too farfetched, for an American girl to marry a Prince from a small European monarchy?  Well, it ...

Catch A Falling Star by Beth Vogt

06.27.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

                Catch A Falling Star, a novel by Beth Vogt Book Review by Trudi Cook   Catch a Falling Star tells the story of Dr. Kendall Hayes, who has reached the age of 36 and realizes that her ...

The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer

06.27.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

                   The Promise Box, a novel by Tricia Goyer Book 2 in Series Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors Book Review by Trudi Cook   Lydia Wyse grew up Amish but left the Ohio community ...

Your Feelings And What God Says About Them

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[1]

              Your Feelings and What God Says About Them By Julie Chapus Book Review by Trudi Cook   I think we can all remember that the tween and teen years involve a lot of emotions!  Julie Chapus has ...

Seaside Harmony and Sunflower Summer

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[1]

                Seaside Harmony and Sunflower Summer, novels by Evangeline Kelley From the series, Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn Book Review by Trudi Cook  Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn is a new ...

A Noble Groom

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

    A Noble Groom, a novel by Jody Hedlund  Book Review by Trudi Cook Not every group that  came to the New World wanted an all-new life – many just wanted to escape tyranny and to possess their own land.  A Noble ...

Tales of the Defended Ones

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Tales of the Defended Ones, by Beth Guckenberger Non fiction Book Review by Trudi Cook  “Warning: These stories may change the way you see the world.”   Do you have a heart for the hurting children of the world?  Do you ...

The House That Love Built

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

The House That Love Built, a novel by Beth Wiseman                                                Book Review by Trudi ...

Forsaken Dreams A Novel by MaryLu Tyndall

04.10.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

       Escape to Paradise #1 Book Review by Trudi Cook  A Different Group of Pioneers Forsaken Dreams tells the story of a miscellany of people who have decided to flee the defeated South after the Civil War.  ...

Positive Life Principles For Women by Karol Ladd

04.06.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Positive Life Principles For Women by Karol Ladd Book Review by Trudi Cook Encouragement! Positive Life Principles for Women is a tiny book with lots of practical information.  Karol Ladd offers encouragement and tips that women can easily ...

Grave Consequences - A Novel by Lisa. T. Bergren

04.06.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

  Grave Consequences  A Novel by Lisa T. Bergren Book Two - 'The Grand Tour' Series Book Review by Trudi Cook Journey of a Lifetime  This series tells the story of Cora Diehl Kensington, her siblings and close family friends as they ...

Safe in His Arms by Colleen Coble

03.15.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

                             SAFE IN HIS ARMS,  a novel by Colleen Coble   &nbs...

A Dream For Tomorrow

03.15.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

                             A Dream for Tomorrow, a novel by Melody Carlson    &nbs...

The Dance A Novel by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

02.07.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

The Restoration Series - When The Image Crumbles Everyone looking on would call theirs the perfect marriage.  Jim is a successful businessman, Marilyn is the perfect wife.  They live in a large and beautiful house in an excellent ...

Fear, Faith and A Fistful of Chocolate by Debora M. Coty (Non-fiction)

02.07.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

             Many people struggle with some form of fear – anything from worrying to flat out phobias and anxiety attacks.  Coty shares personal stories – her own and ...

Waiting For Spring by Amanda Cabot

02.07.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Westward Winds Series, Book 2 - Entertainment and Intrigue Widowed Charlotte took her young son to Cheyenne where she is now running a successful dress-making business, and life is looking up.  But she is still hiding parts of her story, and ...

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue by Colleen Coble

01.08.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

        Rock Harbor Search and Rescue (Youth Fiction) by Colleen Coble                    &nbs...

My One Word by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen

01.07.13 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

My One Word,  by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen Change Your Life with Just ONE WORD (Non Fiction) Book Review by Trudi Cook A huge portion of the population has made New Year’s resolutions, only to see them disappear like vapor in the ...

Moonlight Masquerade - A Regency Novel by Ruth Axtell

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Rees Phillips, a strong Christian man, has been a number of things in his life – the son of a prosperous merchant, a midshipman in Britain’s navy, a prisoner of war, and a clerk in the British Foreign Office, but he’s never ...

A Dangerous Stage - A Novel by Camy Tang

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Book 2 of “Protection for Hire” series - Fast paced action! Tessa has been hired to protect a contestant on a TV singing competition and his young teenage daughter.  They stumbled onto some information that indicates the show ...

Nowhere To Run - A Novel by Amy Wallace

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Place of Refuge series, Book Two  Real Danger in a Peaceful Community Police officer Ashley Walters is busy planning the wedding of her dreams with the help of her best friend Margo and her fiancé Patrick.  Her plans are abruptly ...

Queen of the Waves - A Novel by Janice Thompson

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[1]

Part of “An American Tapestry” collection - A Taste of Titanic History At first glance, the plot of Queen of the Waves appeared to fit a predictable scenario:  wealthy Industrialist plans a business merger and arranges a marriage ...

Betrayal - A Novel by Robin Hatcher

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Where the Heart Lives, Book 2 Widowed and trying to run a small ranch alone, Julia feels betrayed by her abusive husband and her mother, who always wanted “something better” for Julia but didn’t succeed at providing that.  ...

Vanished - A Novel by Irene Hannon

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Private Justice Series 1 Reporter Moira Harrison knows what she saw that rainy night before she hit the brakes and lost control of her car.  Because there’s no evidence when the police arrive, they blame it on her concussion and tell ...