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Tattered and Mended: the Art of Healing the Wounded

07.14.15 | Trudi Cook |

Non-fiction by Cynthia Rushti Seeing Art and Beauty in the Mending of Broken Lives  I was interested to read Tattered and Mended because I had so enjoyed a fictional story by the author. I was drawn deeper into the book by the...

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor

06.18.15 | Trudi Cook |

A novel by Melanie Dobson Review by Trudi Cook   Four Women, 60 years, Secrets Held…and Released Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor tells the story of four women, Maggie, Libby, Heather and Ella, and the man who loved all of them. It...

To Win Her Favor

06.15.15 | Trudi Cook |

A novel by Tamera Alexander Review by Trudi Cook   In the shadow of Nashville’s famous Belle-Meade Plantation, formerly well-to-do widowed father’s small farm is facing difficulties. His sons who could carry on the family name...

Summer's List

06.15.15 | Trudi Cook |

      A novel by Anita Higman Book Review by Trudi Cook Too many plot lines, not enough details   Summer’s life has not been all easy, and now her beloved grandmother isn’t well. Granny wants Summer to have an...

When Grace Sings

05.27.15 | Trudi Cook |

A novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer Book 2 of the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy Book Review by Trudi Cook   Grace helps when Relationships are complicated  A young reporter (Briley) accepts an assignment – a story he hopes will help him...

The Inn at Ocean's Edge

05.27.15 | Trudi Cook |

A novel by Colleen Coble When You Don’t Know what You Have Forgotten… Well-to-do young executive Claire Dellamare arrives at the Hotel Tourmaline in a remote part of Maine for an important meeting with her CEO father and the...

Twisted Innocence

04.15.15 | Trudi Cook | Comments[1]

As usual, Terri Blackstock has written a suspense-packed story that will hold your interest.

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain

02.27.15 | Trudi Cook |

Five years after the life-changing earthquake in Haiti, we’re treated to the story of one young woman’s call to move to Haiti and help.

A Promise in Pieces

10.16.14 | Trudi Cook |

Fifty years ago, Clara cared for injured World War II soldiers as a member of the Women’s Air Corps. While serving, she promised a dying soldier she would personally take a message to his bride in the US when she returned.


09.23.14 | Trudi Cook |

Kate Marshall’s life was turned upside-down when her husband and 4-year-old son didn’t return from their fishing trip.

In Perfect Time

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook |

Throughout the war, Kay Jobson has gained a reputation as a good time girl.

All My Belongings

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook |

What does it take to belong?

An Immoral Proposal

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook |

An autobiographical story of a poor girl in South Africa under Apartheid.

A Season of Change

06.05.14 | Trudi Cook |

In a time when “Amish fiction” has become so popular, A Season of Change manages to be vastly different from any other stories I have read.

Where the Wind Leads

05.09.14 | Trudi Cook |

I grew up during the Vietnam War. We heard of terrible things, of young men killed, of anti-war demonstrations, but we did not hear the story as told by a Vietnamese family.