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Falling in love with - JESUS ?!?

07.12.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[13]

Crazy idea, right? At least I thought so! This blog is for my girls specifically, but I’d love to get feedback from the guys too! A few weeks ago I gave a talk on modesty and purity to a group of wonderful teen and pre-teen girls. During the ...

Grasping Perfection

06.17.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[1]

Perfection. Does it haunt you? Is it something you strive for but can’t obtain? Does it feel like an inner drive for excellence, helping you achieve your personal best? Or does it rule and stifle you because you can never measure ...


06.08.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[2]

I wrote this blog with my teenage girls in mind but I think the challenge is for all of us!

Bye Dan!

04.22.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[0]

It is with a lot of bittersweet emotion that we announce that Dan White director of FLM youth department has resigned. Dan joined the team last year and was a huge influence in laying the ground work for the future direction and vision of our youth ...

Called Into Youth Ministry

12.13.08 | Katie Bernier | Comments[4]

Do you ever feel inadequate to do the things the Lord has called you to do? Unqualified? Do find yourself asking the Lord why He has placed you where you're at? I do. Often....