Blogs by Month: 9 2010


09.28.10 | Debbie Fero | Comments[0]

After a ten hour flight, we arrived in Tel Aviv on July 15. There at the airport, our group of 38 people started to gather in the baggage claim area. That was where we first met Doron, our Israeli tour guide. He and Bobbie tried to keep us all ...

Praying for Heartburn

09.22.10 | Debbie Fero | Comments[0]

July 14 was our departure date for the Holy Land Pilgrimage. God's plan for this trip was becoming a reality and I had much to do leading up to that day. One of the first things I did was ask for prayer. Yes I was excited, my dream was coming ...

A Dream and A Conversation

09.18.10 | Debbie Fero | Comments[1]

That’s how it all started. That’s how I became a Holy Land pilgrim. The dream to travel to Israel was planted in my heart as a teenager and I didn’t even know it. As a French student, our teacher would talk to us about traveling ...