Blogs by Month: 6 2010

Grasping Perfection

06.17.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[1]

Perfection. Does it haunt you? Is it something you strive for but can’t obtain? Does it feel like an inner drive for excellence, helping you achieve your personal best? Or does it rule and stifle you because you can never measure ...

Ken Rudolph's Messages From the SALSA Conference

06.11.10 | Comments[1]

Snuggle up to your computer and listen to all four of Ken Rudolph's messages from this year's SALSA Conference. Each session goes for about 50 minutes to an hour. Session 1 Play Podcast Session 2 Play Podcast Session ...


06.08.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[2]

I wrote this blog with my teenage girls in mind but I think the challenge is for all of us!