A Road Unknown

04.10.14 | Trudi Cook |

A Road Unknown

A novel by Barbara Cameron
Amish Roads Series, Book 1

A young woman at the crossroads

Elizabeth is the oldest child in a large Amish family. She’s tired of constantly helping to care for younger children and wants to lead her own life. Even though she has a job she loves in a local fabric shop, she turns her wages over to her parents to help with the family’s finances. When Elizabeth met a young vacationing “English” woman in their Ohio town one summer, she began corresponding with her, and shared her frustrations. Paula, a nursing student, invited Elizabeth to come and share her apartment in Paradise, PA, and Elizabeth impulsively accepted the invitation and boarded the bus for this unknown road. On the bus, she met a young Amishman, Saul, who was returning home after visiting friends. The agree to meet again in Paradise for a hamburger.

In Pennsylvania, Elizabeth struggles with her decision – while she doesn’t want to return to her former life, she isn’t about living a wild rumspringa either. The new people in her life, English and Amish, help her to realize what God wants in her life.

I enjoyed this story. Elizabeth, Paula, Saul and many others were people I’d enjoy knowing. The author did a good job of making all her characters be “real people” without over-romanticizing the Amish lifestyle. I like the fact that the book wasn’t just another “Amish romance” but actually covered the topic of making decisions while at crossroads in life.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.


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