A Noble Groom

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A Noble Groom, a novel by Jody Hedlund

 Book Review by Trudi Cook

Not every group that  came to the New World wanted an all-new life – many just wanted to escape tyranny and to possess their own land.  A Noble Groom tells the story of a group of German immigrants who settled on former forest land in Michigan.  Previously miners and new to farming, these hardworking people had to clear the land of stumps and learn how to become farmers.  It was a difficult life and everyone knew that when Annalisa’s husband died, she’d need another husband or she would lose the farm they’d worked hard to develop. 

Her father wrote to his brother back in the Old Country to send a young man who could become Annalisa’s groom.  When Carl Richards turns up, he’s not there to marry Annalisa; he’s a man in hiding and he doesn’t dare reveal his true identity or his life would be endangered.    He agrees to help Annalisa on the farm until the real groom has earned the money for the trip.

A Noble Groom paints a clear picture of a group of people struggling to survive.  Although they faithfully went to church and had a good example of Christian living before them in the Pastor and his wife, the love of Christ had not changed the lives of these people.  They came to America seeking freedom but their hearts will still on bondage. 

I appreciated the courageous spirit of Annalisa, and the kindness of her noble handyman, who demonstrated Christ’s love in his actions and manner, even if he was living a lie.  The story of how events played out was an interesting and engrossing story, with a unexpected ending.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Christian Fiction, Copyright 2013, ISBN 978 07642 1047 1



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