A Dream For Tomorrow

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           A Dream for Tomorrow, a novel by Melody Carlson

                        Book 2, Homeward on the Oregon Trail

                               Book Review by Trudi Cook

                                     Character Revealed

A Dream for Tomorrow tells the continuing story of widowed Elizabeth and her family (parents, sibling, and children) as they continue their journey from Kentucky to Oregon.  The wagon train is a microcosm of life, as people’s characters are exposed through the daily trials and joys, and decisions are made that will affect their lives forever.  Elizabeth faces an important choice herself: should she accept the attentions of Will, the well-to-do widower who has become a friend, or wait for noncommittal Will, the handsome guide.

Melody Carlson does an excellent job of making you, the reader feel a part of the scene – the beauty, the loneliness, the frustrations and the celebrations.  Her characters are painted clearly as they make good decisions and bad ones, rise to challenges or not.  As the story is set on slightly prior to the Civil War, she also included some of the attitudes towards slavery, with the inclusion of freed slave and family friend Brady, who faces his own unique challenges.

I truly enjoyed A Dream for Tomorrow.  Many times, a story will get unbalanced; either exposing the reader to so many of the difficulties faced that you get depressed and wonder why people ever settled the West, or glossing over the hardships so you feel the trips westward were easy.  This book hit a good balance between the two realities and the emotions of the people involved.  Through that, I found myself sorry when the story ended, as I’d grown to like and respect even the difficult people.  I’ll look forward to the final book in the series (although this was an excellent stand-alone novel.)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Christian Fiction, Copyright 2013, ISBN 978-0-7369-4873-9


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