A Dream and A Conversation

09.18.10 | Debbie Fero | Comments[1]

That’s how it all started. That’s how I became a Holy Land pilgrim.

The dream to travel to Israel was planted in my heart as a teenager and I didn’t even know it. As a French student, our teacher would talk to us about traveling to Paris, about the wonder of walking through the hallways of Versailles. His enthusiasm for experiencing this city was contagious and I found myself dreaming of walking in the footsteps of kings. I traveled to Paris when I was fifteen years old.

Thirty years later, I became a follower of Christ. I started reading my Bible and tried to picture the places I read about. Images flew off the pages as words described a promised land filled with milk and honey, the mountain that Abraham climbed with Isaac, the caves where David hid from Saul, and the Sea where Jesus walked on water. Yes, I read about it all and my imagination drew pictures in my mind. As the stories of the Bible transformed my heart, the dream was cultivated. A dream to walk in the footsteps of the most magnificent King of all. Could I? Would I ever be able to experience theses places first-hand? Could I feel the wind on my face that frightened the disciples so? Hear the crunch of sand under my feet as I walked in the dry and desolate places of Israel? See the garden where Jesus prayed among the olive trees?

Then Family Life traveled to Peckville for a Dinner Theater last November. I had the pleasure of working with the volunteers who came to help. Donna was one of those volunteers and we seemed to have an instant connection, both of us single ladies who love the Lord. Our conversation soon turned to the trip that Donna had recently taken to the Holy Land. I listened intently as she shared how that adventure changed her life. She told me about Bobbie Klein who had organized the trip and how she has taken many groups over to Israel.

Maybe, Bobbie could help me coordinate a trip for Family Life. I emailed her and her response was favorable. Could this really happen? Then the calendar turned to 2010. Several things changed in my job description. There were new responsibilities to learn and honestly, I started the New Year feeling very overwhelmed. I let the dream fade away. Believed it was never meant to be.

I kept in touch with Donna and she shared with me in the Spring about another trip she took. This one where she followed the footsteps of the apostle Paul. I felt the nudging again and wrote to Donna asking her to let me know if she makes any plans to travel to the Holy Land in the future. Perhaps some day we could go together.

Within a few days, Donna called. She told me that Bobbie Klein was trying to get in touch with me because she wanted to offer someone at Family Life a free trip to Israel. There was one catch, if all went well with this trip that was being offered, she wanted Family Life to take a serious look at booking a trip with her in 2011. The dream was alive once again! The decision was made that I would be the person from Family Life who would make this trip.

That’s where my adventure begins. It started with a dream and a conversation. But we all know that without a doubt, it was God’s plan all along!


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on 09.20.11 mary Lou Hoffman commented

Thank you for all the work that was done to schedule such a wonderful trip. It was by far the best trip I have ever been on.