Singles Conference Workshops

Here are the workshops that will be offered on Saturday. Each workshop will be offered twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

"Released from Regret" by Jhan Sauer

Regrets…. we all have them.  It’s the disappointment in choices we made and the choices we didn’t make when we had the chance.  Regret is the pain of living today with the consequences of decisions we made in the past.  Regret does not have to be a constant companion, robbing our lives of joy.  God, through His word, releases us from the grips of regret so we are no longer in bondage to it.  We will examine God’s path to freedom and apply those tools ourselves.

"Finding Treasure in the Clutter through Spiritual Journaling" by Barb Best

Though created for relationship, people are disconnected. Despite the numerous communication tools available - smartphones, voice mail, texting, Skype, Face Time, email, social media and even (still) snail mail - too often one’s most meaningful interaction in a day is a Facebook “Like” or an Instagram photo of dinner.

Singles are especially prone to suffer from the detachment. God, however, holds us close. He has promised to never leave or forsake His children, and God always keeps His promises. Developing the practice of Spiritual journaling allows a believer to see patterns and progressions of various events and help see the Father’s hand in all details of their daily life.

"Technological Heart Disease" by Bruce Hughes

Do you know your heart?  God does!  It is very difficult in this day of high tech communication and digital transfer of material for a man to keep his heart and mind pure.  It will be next to impossible to claim "Everything Comes Alive" if your spiritual heart has a serious case of "technological heart disease".  You will be challenged to examine your heart to see if you need emergency care.  Are you living the life God intended for you to live today?

"Valuing Your Personality" by Jim Carl

Why do some people always take charge in a group, and others don't?  Why are some people attracted to confrontations, and others avoid them at all cost?  Why are some people so much fun to be around, while others are better left alone?  It could be a matter of personality, the natural inclination with which you are born. 

Session 1 will begin with you taking a "Personality Inventory", unpacking the characteristics of each personality type, and learning which one or two are your dominant types.

Session 2 is where we really have fun and explore the dynamics that take place between the personality types.  We dig into the sources of friction that can create discomfort and conflict, and explore ways to minimize and harmonize those conflicts.  Teams are stronger and much more effective when all the personality types are represented, but how do we get along with each other?  This session will include time for questions and group discussion. (Session 2 will be offered during Free Time.)

"Finding Your Identity After the Storm" by Bonnie Kellogg

All of us at some point in our life experience some type of storm that is beyond what we have thought we could ever survive.  Whether it is the loss of a spouse, a child, a natural disaster or a dream that we had for our life.  Who are we then?  If I'm not a wife or husband who am I?  If I'm not a mother/father who am I?  If I am not able to reach or complete the dream that I have had for my life, do I have any value or worth?  Or who am I now?  What is your "BP"? Come and explore what we need to remember and grab ahold of as we navigate through this part of our life.

"Coming Alive in Community" by Katie Bernier

Scripture says it’s not good for man to be alone; in fact we were created to be in relationship with others! So what does this mean for singleness?  The demands of singleness often ask us to go at life alone. Our strengths of independence and resourcefulness can dangerously also become isolating weaknesses. Join us as we talk about how to practically build healthy community in every season of singleness. For even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.


Free Time Workshops (these will not be offered twice but only once during free time)

"Art Journals - A Demo & Some Practice" by Trudi Cook

Join me and see a demonstration of how to construct a simple art journal, using kraft paper with recycled and found papers.  We’ll talk about simple bookbinding,  ways to construct pockets, and painting techniques for backgrounds.  For the practice part of the workshop, everyone will have the opportunity to make a collage on kraft paper, which can then become 4 pages in your own journal.

"Flash Mob Dance Session" by Lauren Norris

Spend your free time moving to music and having fun! Participants will learn an easy “flash mob” style routine to the conference theme song. No dance experience necessary! Men and women of all ages are welcome to attend! This session will be very casual and upbeat!