Singles Conference Workshops

Here are the workshops that will be offered on Saturday. Each workshop will be offered twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

"Five Love Languages for Singles" by Jim Carl

Life’s greatest happiness is found in good relationships; life’s deepest hurt is found in bad relationships.  Most have never stopped to ask, “what do I need to learn about love in order to build successful, positive relationships?”  Learning to speak love and appreciation in a language the other person can receive is the key to enhancing all human relationships.

There are five fundamental love languages, five ways to express love emotionally.  If we don’t receive our primary love language, we will not feel loved even though the person is speaking the other four.  By nature, we tend to speak our own love language.  Learning to speak love and appreciation in a language the other person can receive is the key to enhancing all human relationships.

Join us for this workshop in which we will:

  • Define the five love languages
  • Discover our own love language
  • Develop the ability to speak in the languages other than our own
  • Determine to apply this skill in our relationships with others who are important to us

"Live like Your Loved, Even When Your Family Is Like The Patriarchs" by Susan & her dad, Jim Sweeney

Abraham gave his wife to other men, Isaac & Jacob played favorites with their sons, Joseph’s brothers sold him away as a slave. And yet God said that through this family all the earth would be blessed. So come and learn how you can live like you are so loved by our heavenly Father no matter what your family is like.  

"Running The Good Race" by Debi Backer

The Bible talks a great deal about running a good race. Are you running on empty? How can you live like you’re loved when you’re exhausted, worn out and weary? In this workshop we’ll talk about the importance of caring for yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’ll explore God’s Word to see what our “Owner’s Manual” says about nurturing ourselves for the daily race.

"Live Like You're Loved in the Waiting" by Wes Reed

Are you hanging out in the "waiting room?" You know, that place where you wait and wait and wait. Waiting for a mate, waiting for a job, waiting for healing, waiting for your circumstances to change. Is there a purpose in the waiting? What do you do while you're waiting? This workshop will help you to see how you can live like you're loved while you're in the waiting room.

"Living Out Your Value" by Katie Bernier

Jesus tells us that the greatest commandment is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself.” What does it look like to love ourselves in a healthy way? And what does that even mean? In this workshop, we'll explore the importance of accepting the Lord’s value and love for yourself, so you can live truly knowing you are loved. We will also look at the difference between a healthy self-love (agreeing with and accepting Christ’s value for you) and selfishness. How can loving ourselves as Christ loves us change the way we live? It starts by having peace and not internal fighting or shame, which frees us to love others well. 

"I know I am loved, why can’t I just live like it?” by Natalie Stanfield

What’s standing between you and being able to “Live Like You Are Loved?” This interactive workshop exposes the tricks the Enemy uses to keep you feeling separated and alone.

Free Time Workshops (these will not be offered twice but only once during free time)

"Flash Mob Dance Session" by Lauren Norris

Spend your free time moving to music and having fun! Participants will learn an easy “flash mob” style routine to the conference theme song. No dance experience necessary! Men and women of all ages are welcome to attend! This session will be very casual and upbeat!

"Creating Little Art Houses" - by Trudi Cook

Little houses…there’s just something appealing about them, isn’t there?   Whether they evoke memories of train sets or Christmas villages around the tree, or are a metaphor for “home,” little houses hold a fascination for people.  For our craft workshop this year, we’ll be turning little cardboard houses into “art” using collage techniques.  So bring your creativity and I’ll bring a village of houses, scissors, paper and glue, and we’ll spend some time crafting and visiting during free time on Saturday!  If you have some items you’d like to include on your house, such as special papers, cards and photos, a printed verse or quote, or small “mixed media” items, feel free to bring them.

To see samples, click here or here.