Single Source Training Team








           Michelle Benincasa, Wes Reed, Debbie Fero

Michelle Benincasa 

Michelle was part of SALSA’s founding leadership team and continues to be part of Family Life’s Single Source Training Team and Annual Singles Conference team. 

During thirteen years of her fifteen year career with the USPS, she was actively involved with their internal, multilevel, problem solving teams. As a District Trainer she was part of a team teaching problem solving skills, group dynamics & facilitating various monthly meetings throughout Western New York. The last three of those years included being one of four Northeast US Area Regional Trainers, “training the trainers.”  Her employment has also included four years as a Volunteer Coordinator in the human resource field. 

Ministry leadership and personal group skills experience include ten years on the SALSA leadership team, 4 years as Board Chairman for a local PRC, four years as the International Coordinator for the Elanja Children’s Project benefiting children in South Africa (living there seven months), Celebrate Recovery ministry and training workshops, member of various church boards, Church Moderator, youth ministry, Bible quizzing coach, leading bible studies, Sunday School classes, and workshops. 

Michelle is a student, a teacher, and collaborative leader.

Wes Reed 

Wes Reed lives in Newark, NY. Over the past 30+ years he has held several church leadership positions in the Wayne County area, including worship leader, youth ministry, and ministry to the aged. Presently, he is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship in Newark, where he has served since 2002. Because he has a desire to share Jesus through every possible means, doors have opened for him to travel to such places as Haiti, Nicaragua, Africa and China, to share the love of Jesus. Wes has always been a firm believer that God wants us to "bloom where we're planted", no matter what the situation may be. That thought was challenged in 2004 when he lost his wife of 28 years to cancer. Since that time, Wes has spear-headed an organization for singles which promotes and provides opportunity for the fellowship of single Christian adults. Wes loves flying, riding motorcycle, and raising animals. He has 4 adult children and 11 grandchildren.

Debbie Fero 

Debbie currently works in the Events Department at Family Life and part of her responsibility is to oversee the Single Source Ministry. But it's not just a responsibility, it's her passion.  Her heart's desire is to see singles come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and become fully devoted Christ followers.

One of the reasons why she is so passionate about this ministry is her own personal testimony. When her marriage of 21 years ended in divorce, Debbie found herself searching for "someone" to fill the hole in her heart. Her search ended while attending her first Family Life event, a SALSA (singles) conference, where she began a personal relationship with her Lord and Savior.

Since that conference in January of 2000, Debbie has grown in her relationship with Jesus. She discovered how to use her God-given gifts and even her hurts to minister to other singles. She joined the leadership teams of two singles ministries (one of them Family Life's SALSA) and started a third singles ministry. As her passion for ministry grew, God made it clear that He was calling her to be a part of the Family Life team. After a year of raising personal support, Debbie took her leap of faith and joined the Family Life staff in July of 2006. Since then her hands and her heart have been involved in ministry to singles, singles leaders, seniors, volunteers and homeschoolers.