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Quadruple Homicide Suspect Captured in Buffalo

04.24.15 | Bob Price

Amy Betros only knew him as "Trent." She didn't know where he was from, what he'd done or why he was here. As the co-founder and co-director of St. Luke's Mission of Mercy on the East Side of Buffalo, it's never uncommon for her to provide shelter ...

Wolf garners more opposition to plan replace drilling fee

04.24.15 | Bob Price

An organization of Pennsylvania’s municipalities is joining counties in opposing Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to replace a variable fee on Marcellus Shale natural gas wells with a flat annual payment to local governments in drilling ...

NY buys 6,200 acres south of Adirondack High Peaks

04.24.15 | Bob Price

- Paddlers have a new area to explore at the upper reaches of the Hudson River and hikers will get better access to some mountains with the state's purchase of 6,200 acres at the southern edge of the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness Area. "People ...

More Claims Against Sheldon Silver

04.24.15 | Bob Price

Prosecutors added charges Thursday against former New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, saying he did "certain official" favors for an investor who had access to high-yield investment opportunities so he could earn higher rates from his ...

Scranton Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby on City Sidewalk

04.23.15 | Bob Price

It certainly wasn`t the average day on the job for a Scranton police officer. Officer James Golden was on patrol last Friday when his role quickly shifted from patrolman to stork. He responded to a call for a woman in labor and ended up delivering ...

Police: Vandals smash more than 100 car windows

04.23.15 | Bob Price

Residents woke up to an unwelcomed surprise when they found that vandals swept through an upstate New York town, breaking the windows of more than 100 cars. Police say vandals likely used a BB or pellet gun to smash the windows between 1 a.m. and ...

State parties lean on Hispanic officials to reach Latino voters

04.23.15 | Bob Price

Hispanic voters will receive plenty of attention from both political parties as Pennsylvanians get ready for the 2016 presidential and U.S. Senate elections. State Democrats said Monday that Shamaine Daniels, an immigration attorney and the first ...

Jet carrying unconscious passengers makes emergency landing

04.23.15 | Bob Price

A SkyWest airlines flight to Connecticut was diverted, descended steeply and made an emergency landing in New York on Wednesday after three passengers lost consciousness. The flight, carrying 75 passengers, departed from O'Hare International ...

Pa. to eliminate asset test for food stamps

04.22.15 | Bob Price

The controversial test, initiated by former Governor Tom Corbett in 2012, ties federal food-stamp benefits - now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP - to people's bank accounts and car ownership. Corbett saw the ...

Math exams to start as test-refusal effort continues

04.22.15 | Bob Price

A second round of state testing will begin Wednesday in New York public schools as a movement to refuse the exams in protest continues to gain momentum. Students in grades 3-8 will sit Wednesday for the first of three consecutive days of ...

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