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Pennsylvania court weighs legality of law that lets NRA sue to overturn gun control rules

04.16.15 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judges heard arguments Wednesday about whether a law that makes it easier for the National Rifle Association, gun owners and other groups to sue municipalities over their gun ordinances is constitutional. A law ...

Feds Investigating State Senate Leader

04.16.15 | Bob Price

Republican State Senate Leader Dean Skelos and his son are facing federal investigation, according to a report by The New York Times published late Wednesday evening. The newspaper reports that a federal grand jury has begun hearing evidence, ...

Pa. senator introducing bill eliminating state background check from firearms purchases

04.16.15 | Bob Price

State Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-Washington/Beaver/Greene) is introducing a bill that she hopes will streamline the purchasing of firearms in Pennsylvania. Currently, individuals must first pass background checks through both the Pennsylvania ...

NY Gov. Cuomo's tax return shows $377K for memoir

04.16.15 | Bob Price

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's recently published memoir pushed his income up to more than $550,000 last year, according to the Democratic governor's tax returns. The returns show Cuomo made just under $377,000 last year for the book, "All Things ...

Police: Bones Found At Kermit Gosnell's Home

04.15.15 | Bob Price

Police say the Crime Scene Unit is looking into bones found at convicted killer and abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell's  home located on  North 32nd Street in Mantua. L&I made the discovery while sealing off the property. There is no ...

"Opt out" numbers from NY

04.15.15 | Bob Price

Authorities say thousands of students sat out the first day of New York's statewide English assessments, with several districts around Buffalo reporting more than half of their students didn't take the tests. Reports from around the state indicate ...

Radon / Natural gas link in Pa

04.15.15 | Bob Price

A study linking increased radon levels in Pennsylvania homes to natural-gas fracking sites made national waves when it was released last week. It also likely elicited one of several emotions from people who heard the news: worry for the natural-gas ...

School district supports transgender student

04.15.15 | Bob Price

The mother of a transgender student in Sodus went back before the school board to stand up for the rights of her 11-year-old Tuesday night. "I finally see my daughter happy, like truly happy, her laugh...when she laughs now it's genuine and that ...

Proposed Tioga Schools Budget Means 30 Percent Tax Rate Hike

04.14.15 | Bob Price

Taxpayers in the Tioga Central School District have a big decision to make when they head to the polls next month. The district's proposed 2015/2016 school year budget means residents could see a 30 percent tax hike.To keep all current programming ...

Penn State pays big price for restoring Joe Paterno's wins

04.14.15 | Bob Price

The cost of the legal battle that restored Joe Paterno's status as the winningest coach in major college football, with 409 total wins, didn't come cheap. It is expected to figure out to about $13,500 for each of the 111 wins Paterno's team ...

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