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Play "Match. Win. Wow!"

02.03.17 | Terese Main

Play the WOW Hits game board contest!

PA prison guards held a rally in Harrisburg to protest the closure of two state prisons

01.24.17 | Bob Price

Representative Neal Goodman of Schuylkill County insists the loss of nearly 800 jobs would be devastating.  He says, "that's a body blow my district doesn't get up from." Corrections Secretary John Wetzel is objecting to senators’ ...

Republicans in the NY state legislature say Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal is saddled with extra baggage

01.24.17 |

The governor insists his $152 billion spending proposal does not include any new taxes.But state senate Republicans estimate $803 million in new taxes.The Assembly thinks it would be $25 million higher than that.The governor says the key to his ...

The NY Assembly has reintroduced a doctor assisted suicide bill

01.24.17 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

The plan introduced in Albany would require two physicians to certify that a patient’s illness is terminal. Physicians could refuse to agree to the request for any reason.Last year the measure passed an Assembly committee but never made it to ...

Gov. Wolf is warning Congress not to cut funding for medicaid coverage for Pennsylvanians

01.24.17 | Terry Diener

The governor says the proposed plan to replace Obamacare will have a devastating impact on Pennsylvanians, including children and the elderly and he will fight any attempt to cut coverage. Shifting Medicaid to a block-grant program has emerged as ...

NY lawmakers begin hearings this week on Gov. Cuomo's $152 billion budget

01.23.17 | Jeremy Miller

The first hearing kicks off tomorrow and is likely to focus on Cuomo's call to make college tuition at state universities free for middle-class students.Wednesday's hearing is expected to vet the governor's plans to develop the workforce. ...

PA's shrinking prison population is fueling a growing parolee population

01.23.17 | Terry Diener

Since 2012, the state prison population has dropped by 2,000. Over that same period, parolee ranks grew by more than 6,000 as parole violators spent less time in prison.  Jason Bloom of the state corrections officers union says the state is ...

The Pennsylvania State Police are going gray

01.23.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Later this year, motorists across Pennsylvania will start to see the state police change out the white patrol cars in favor of  sterling gray vehicles. The color scheme is based on the color of trooper uniforms.   Leaders hope the ...

Gov. Cuomo has signed a directive requiring insurance companies cover the cost of what he calls 'medically necessary' abortions

01.23.17 | Bob Price

Pro-lifers say it's a "not so veiled" attempt to lift the ban on late-term abortions. Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms says the move is "an abortion expansion effort." The Cuomo mandate also covers most forms of birth ...

Danny Gokey Register to Win

01.20.17 | Terese Main

Family Life connects you to the latest from American Idol alum, Danny Gokey. Ten winners will be chosen to win his new CD, including his new hit, "Rise." You could be the grand prize winner and receive a pair of tickets to see Danny Gokey in ...

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