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Challenging Your Walk In Christ

Family Life offers free Bible Correspondence Courses as a convenient and affordable way to study the Bible at home.  Designed for self-study, each course has a series of brief workbooks with a quiz at the end.  Upon registration, Family Life begins mailing workbooks to learners one at a time.  After completing a workbook, a student mails it back for feedback by the instructor.  This process continues, one book at a time, until the entire course is finished, earning a student their certificate of completion.

To request any of the Bible Correspondence Courses or for more information, call Family Life at 800.927.9083 or email us. Please note that this service is for U.S. residents only due to the high cost of international postage. If you live outside the U.S., please visit Source of Light's website for assistance.

Adult Bible Courses

A Country Called Heaven - A basic course that takes learners through the plan of salvation to an overall understanding of the Gospel.  9 workbooks/18 lessons

The New Life in Christ 1,2, 3 - An in-depth study of Scripture for students wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus.  6 workbooks/12 lessons for courses 1&2; 13 books/25 lessons for course 3

Practical Christian Living - A useful course that helps learners apply the Gospel to their daily Christian walk.  9 workbooks/21 lessons

Fishers of Men - An engaging study that teaches adults how to share their faith and be an effective witness.  3 workbooks/3 lessons 

Teen Bible Courses

Winning the Race of Life - Drawing from testimonies of Olympic champions, this basic Bible course teaches teens about salvation by comparing the Christian life to running a race.  3 workbooks/6 lessons

Love, Dating, and Marriage - This study explores human and Godly love.  The course also discusses the issue of abstinence and questions about marriage.  6 workbooks/6 lessons

Teen Talk - A study aimed at helping teenagers walk closer with Jesus.  Topics of study include relationships, navigating emotions, dealing with peer pressure, and sexual purity.  3 workbooks/3 lessons.

Children Bible Courses

See and Do 1 & 2 - For children ages 4-7, these courses present Bible truths through illustrated stories.  There are pictures to color and a quiz to complete with the help of a parent.  There are seven lessons in each course.      

Story Time Mail Box Club 1 & 2 - For children ages 7-8, these illustrated Bible lessons contain short stories, along with fun puzzles and games.  There are seven lessons in each course.    

Explorers 1 & 2 - For children ages 9-10, these eight lessons explain the nature of God and Man.  The study also talks about the Enemy, who he is, and how each person can become a child of God.

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