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Audrey's Desserts First: The PieCaken

12.02.20 | Audrey Smith |

PieCaken   Have you ever heard of the Thanksgiving meat course called Turducken? For those of you who have not, let me help you out. It is a boned chicken, inside a boned duck, which is inside a boned turkey. Sounds, er, interesting...

Nick's Picks: Turkey Tetrazzini

11.25.20 | Nick Finlayson |

Almost as fun to eat as it is to pronounce!


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Got A Minute- Political Duet

11.06.18 | Steve Smith

Got A Minute- Feed the Frog

10.30.18 | Steve Smith

Got A Minute- Whisper of God

07.24.18 | Steve Smith

Got A Minute- God Nuggets

06.19.18 | Steve Smith


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075: Family Life Mornings

11.21.20 | Family Life Mornings

074: Family Life Mornings

11.14.20 | Family Life Mornings

071: Family Life Mornings

10.10.20 | Family Life Mornings