Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner: The Small Stuff

09.29.18 | Matt Jackson

God is in charge of the universe, which is pretty huge. So the question that Kyle has is whether or not God cares about our little issues.

Family Life Mornings Week Of 9/17/18

09.22.18 | Family Life Mornings

From a new way to exercise to ways guys should NOT help around the house; cheesy new slogans for cheese and why we like Mr. Rogers so much--Steve, Terese & Randy always start your day with fun, and something to think about. Catch up with what you might have missed this week.

Kids Corner: How can I have Peace?

09.22.18 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes life can be busy, sometimes it can be scary, and sometimes it can be annoying... but how are we supposed to be peaceful through it all?