Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner 8-31 – Why to Do Hard Things

08.31.19 | Tim Powers

Ever get signed up for something you weren’t too excited about? That’s how Artie feels about the swimming lessons his parents are sending him to. Should we keep trying when something seems too hard? Mr. Jacobs gives his personal insight on the topic.

Family Life Mornings Week of 8/26/19

08.31.19 | Family Life Mornings

From the cutest little munchkins to family you didn't know you had in South Sudan; breakfast at the bus stop and breakfast cookies--Steve, Terese & Randy start your day with a smile on Family Life.

Kids Corner 8/24 How Can Jesus Be My Friend?

08.26.19 | Tim Powers

As back-to-school-season gets closer, Monica worries about making friends. What if she can't impress them? And what about the most important Friend of all - Jesus - do we need to impress him? Mr. Jacobs helps explain!