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Family Life Mornings Week Of 10/15/18

10.20.18 | Family Life Mornings

Steve, Terese & Randy are a fun way to start your day! This week they help you with job interviews, told you about the best tomatoes in Pennsylvania, shared a great lesson from Hurricane Michael and gave you a great recipe for Tater Tots! Listen to see what you might have missed!

Kids Corner: Careful Words

10.20.18 | Matt Jackson

Joy's got a problem with a teacher, and is really nervous about talking to him about it. Does the bible tell us how not to get in trouble when we have a complaint?

Fall Sharathon 2018: Ron Hutchraft

10.10.18 | Family Life

Ron Hutchcraft hosts "A Word With You" daily on Family Life. Listen as he shares his thoughts during Fall Sharathon.