Family Life Podcasts

084: Family Life Mornings

01.30.21 | Family Life Mornings

Do you know where the phrase "potluck" came from? Thankfully it's evolved into a delicious meal we all can share. What's your go-to potluck recipe. We got some great suggestions from across NY and PA this week. Plus, a story of a great music teacher, and the reason math seems so much harder now...

13 Terese Talk: Spouse's Day

01.26.21 | Terese Main

What's is God's purpose for marriage. You might be surprised that it's very different than the fairy tales you grew up with.In fact, Jesus gives us a great example in his sacrificial love. Terese is no marriage expert, but she's read a couple books, so tune in for some quick ideas to help...

083: Family Life Mornings

01.23.21 | Family Life Mornings

If at the age of 91, you could do something you did as a child, what would it be? We got some great ideas this week. Plus, Steve, Terese, Randy and Brandon play The Alphabet Game in the category of Food. Who won? Check out this week's podcast to find out!