Zach Williams: Chainbreaker

01.18.17 | Terese Main

Raised in a small-town church, Zach Williams turned to the bar scene as an outlet for his music.  By day, he worked on his dad's construction site, where only Christian music played.  Even then, God used that music to prepare Zach for where he is now.

A profound songwriter, Zach is amazed to see what God has done.  "Chainbreaker" is at the top of the Christian radio charts and his new CD hits stores January 27th.

Terese Main talks to Zach about song inspiration, kitchen remodeling and the messages God has given him to tell through his music.



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on 06.20.17 Faith Trimble commented

This is my son-in-law's testimony song, he recently gave his story on
Easter Sunday, April 16,2017 at his church, the Church of the Nazarene, Springwater,NY. In his testimony he quoted this song by saying it(his acceptance of Jesus) is a LIFE CHAINGER. Because this song did change my life.

This man is married to our daughter and a lot of people have prayed him into the fold and Jesus is in his life now, Praise Him.

Sincerely yours,

Faith Trimble.

on 03.15.19 Gabriel Palazzi commented

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