Wildcats State Champs on Operation Christmas Child

11.22.13 | Steve Smith

Steve, Rachelle and Randy talk with the Jasper-Troupsburg Wildcats, the girls' soccer state champions. The joy and excitement of winning the state championship was thrilling to the school but behind the scenes was an activity that the coach implemented that further bonded the team.



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on 11.22.13 Joanie Price commented

thankyou for recognizing such an outstanding group of young people.

on 11.22.13 trevor Price commented

Great, awesome

on 11.22.13 Kim Heckman commented

I was working across the hall the day they were packing boxes. Joy just radiated from that room. :-) These wonderful young ladies are destined to do great things, not just on the soccer field. Kudos to Beki for her leadership. She's a real GO MAD person.

on 11.23.13 Bob commented

It's cool to see young ladies with such class and charisma. You do us former JT Wildcats proud !