When God Doesn't Fix It with Laura Story

09.17.15 | Family Life Mornings

Life hasn't been picture perfect for Laura Story.  Her husband, Martin, suffers from vision impairment and memory loss as a result of a brain tumor.  It forever changes the way she envisioned her future.  Still, she chooses to praise God in the midst of her trials.  Now, she has joy as a writer, singer, worship leader, wife and mom of three.  She talks with Terese Main about her new book "When God Doesn't Fix It."


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on 01.23.16 JR commented

Wonderful book ..sad but very real...I couldn't put it down thank you for giving hope of surviving things thru the power of God. Wish I had this book when our daughter suffered a major stroke when she was 11. Her stoke brought us to salvation thru Jesus because of the faithfulness of His Church. It changed our lives forever...Praise God