The Real Mother from "Miracles from Heaven"

07.19.16 | Sonny Delfyette

I chat with Christy Beam about her daughter's miraculous healing.

Christy's daughter Annabel was diagnosed with an incurable, deadly digestive disease. She suffered through years of pain, invasive hospital tests, and failed surgeries before telling her mother, "I want to die. I want to go to Heaven where there's no pain." Heartbroken, Christy cried out to God to help!

Soon after, Anna was feeling a little better and decided to join her sisters in climbing a massive tree on the family farm in Texas. That is when she fell 30 feet head-first into the hollow cottonwood. The fall left her trapped and unresponsive for hours. When she was finally rescued, doctors examined her and found - not only was she unhurt by the fall, she was completely healed of her "incurable" digestive disorder. Christy tells the rest of the story in this interview.

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on 07.19.16 John Gould commented

Sonny, thank you for this interview. It was enjoyable to listen to this after we watched the movie. Thank you my brother for your radio ministry. I am always inspired by the depth of your faith in Jesus Christ.


on 07.19.16 Joyce commented

Thank you Sonny for sharing your experience after speaking with Christy Beam. I watched the video, it was inspiring and it shows that God still moves for those that Love and Trust him. In Christ`s Love, Joyce