The Healing Weekend

07.10.18 | Sonny Delfyette

Family Life has teamed with His Healing Light Ministry to present the Healing Weekend at Watson Homestead (near Corning, NY) Friday August 10th through Monday August 13th. If you are experiencing something painful in your life, or have in the past, and just can’t seem to get past it, The Healing Weekend is your opportunity to find healing, freedom, and peace using a proven, biblical model for healing. The healing steps taught are the same ones that have brought healing to thousands in the Healing Journey Class for the past seventeen years. Please click the Listen button to hear more from His Healing Light's Cyndy Sherwood.


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on 07.10.18 Carmella Cora commented

I am extremely interested in this , before I saw this I just posted why can’t I catch a break from being sick , cancer 19 surgeries , now effects from the chemo , I’m exhausted I’m weak I beg the lord for healing , I’m always alone my friends don’t come around anymore and I’m
Physical and mentally drained