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on 02.25.10 Mary Howe commented

I just heard Dr. Kerr offer this book free of charge, but am having trouble getting the correct website. Just a suggestions that it be noted here.

Thank you and God Bless!

mary howe

on 02.25.10 elizabeth calavano commented

I was trying to get to the site for the free book also and unable to locate it either.GOD bless

on 02.25.10 Gwen Derrenbacher commented

I heard your add for the free book on FLN on Feb. 25th and would like to have and read this book.
Mailing Address is 1661 State Route 70, Dalton, NY 14836
Phone 585-476-2721

on 02.25.10 Stephanie Rudman commented

I am a former Administrative Education student of Dr. Kerr and a regular FLN listener. Dr. Kerr is an amazing Christian and Educational Leader. I would love the opportunity to receive a free copy of his new book.
Stephanie Rudman 19 Clay Street Le Roy, NY 14482
Blessings and Thanks!