She Says 41: Longing

01.06.14 | She Says

"A hope deferred make a heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Psalm 13:12

...Longing, oh the dreaded yearning, persistent feeling that there is more and you don’t have it yet. Whether it is the yearning for a ministry or a mate, a child or your children to grow up; how do you keep from getting a sick heart while you wait? How do you get to the tree of life stuff? The ladies of She Says are tackling the topic of longing.

Is it wrong to long? How can you be content and want more at the same time? Are longing from God or are they sin? What are we suppose to do with these urges? Did God mean for us to carry these burdens alone? Listen in and find out more.

Music: Unredeemed by Selah


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