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on 05.14.12 Sharon Wenzler commented

Hi, I heard your program this morning on youth leaving the church. I understand the frustration and I think I may have a solution. I John 4:19 says - We love Him because He first loved us. John 14:15 says - If you love me, you will keep my commandments.
So I believe unless our youth truly know God's love for them personally they will not love Him enough to keep His commandments. I have found in my own life that this is true.
Entertainment may seems right, teaching and preparing for ministry and so on seems right, but it's about knowing Him and His love. I believe that when the knowledge of His love gets inside our hearts as a foundation, we will follow. Temptation will be there, yet our foundation of faith in His love hold us firmly to Him. I hope you hear my heart. I believe it is His also.
May God continue to bless you with the knowledge of truth in His love and His ways.
In Christ Jesus, Sharon

Another thing that came to my mind just now is. Bible Stories - What if we taught bible stories in the light of God's love. Interesting.

Be blessed

on 05.14.12 Melissa Mullen commented

I think that kids raised in the church become accostomed to the lifestyle their parents have raised them in. The downfall is it becomes a lifestyle not a relationship...they say and do everything a Christian on the outside should do and think they are okay but haven't truly dove in headfirst to the relationship for themselves...not fully..not finding anything new...not denying themselves and taking up their cross.....The book "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman addresses this issue. This outlook tends to change the way we disciple. It has been an amazing adventure and we are just getting started.

on 05.14.12 Heidi commented

As I was listening to your show today, I thought of a newly released book called "Handing it Down" by Tim and Tami Thurber. This book is a family devotional that shares WHY we believe what we believe. Amazon review says "Christian parents desire to give their children and teens the foundation needed to understand and live their faith. Handing it Down, by Tim and Tami Thurber, is an understandable, biblically-solid tool for parents to use as they teach their children and teens the What and Why of the Christian faith through fun, interactive family readings.
I know that the book is available on and soon to be at Arrowhead Christian Book store in Johnson City, NY as well as The Green Toad bookstore in Oneonta, NY. I am not finished with the book yet, but so far, so good!!!

on 05.16.12 Trevor Price commented

There are a myriad of reasons why the percentage the percentage of teens leaving the church is so high. Here are a few that came to my mind.

1. They (teens) are not saved. No Holy Spirit nothing to teach them, guide and direct their lives.
2. Youth Groups that don't teach salvation or the Gospel.
3. Churches that are out of touch with reality. Museums without life nor spirit.
4. It is the nature of maximum impact teen groups. The purpose is to get many teens to come to teen groups through whatever means possible and teach them from God's Word. Many youth pastors are being faithful to the mission but God does the saving. many will go away from God, few will find the narrow way. God tells us that. It's understandable but not desirable.