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on 07.16.12 James commented

I really appreciate how Bible-based every answer was. I thank God for Church leaders like Jeff who look to the word of God ...not popular culture to find the anwers about the end times.

on 07.16.12 Rob commented

Thank you for having this conversation. It's important for Christians to be aware of the signs - and be ready for Christ's sudden appearing, at any moment !!

on 07.16.12 Trevor commented

I thought Mr. McDowell was excellent. His perspective was straight from scripture. As a Christian, we should be expecting Christ's return. Thanks Jeff.

on 07.16.12 Bob commented

Jeff, you are truly a man of God, who seeks God's heart in all things. I appreciate your adherence to scripture in speaking truth to these difficult issues.

on 07.16.12 Deanna commented

I was wondering if Jeff could explain more his position on the reunion of the soul and the body at Christ's second coming. Do you believe that to be the case, or do our bodies go to heaven immediately when we die along with our soul ?