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on 04.23.12 jBo commented

Thank you for taking on this subject head-on -- it's a very delicate issue for churches. Divorce is terrible. But there is much happpiness possible afterwards.

My 20-year marriage ended 11 years ago & it was a bolt out of the blue for me and my 3 sons. I came to understand how people could go from living the good life to living life on a grate in the streets -- it was that devastating. I certainly wondered what plan God could possibly have w/something so awful.

But several years after my divorce, I was at the exact right place at the exact right time for the wonderful woman that is now my wife. Her experience had been much different from mine, having come from an abusive situation.

I brought 3 boys to the marriage & she brought 3 girls (one now in heaven). The comparison of putting 2 different broken vases back together is a good one. Although it was hard putting it all together, I believe we make it all work. I cannot imagine life w/o my girls -- I get great joy calling them "mine". My wife feels the same about my boys.

We lovingly refer to ourselves as a "dysfunctional" Brady Bunch, but I love our crazy blended family.

To those out there struggling with divorce or putting two families together, have heart & hope. I'd always heard that God takes awful things & uses them for good. I'm so grateful God did that for us!

on 05.02.12 Denise Foster commented

Blended families....its the hardest relationship I have ever had. BUT it is also one of the most rewarding too. I have see kids grow into young men and young men grown into men. I could not be prouder of them or love them any less. I never have tried to be the 'Mom' they have one and she is the Mom. I just wanted them to have and know that I was loving them, praying for them,being there if they needed someone to talk to. No it is not easy. No it is not fair. I am blessed to watch them grow and be great people all of us who love them should and are proud of. One thing that we have done from the beginning is we do not have to agree with each other. We have to respect them but just because we do not agree if ok. It does not mean we love or care for that person any less. We can agree to dis-agree. My prayer is ....that even tho a family has splintered all the people belong to the new blended family. It is better I think it be bigger and get along than be 2 small ones that can not get along. Thank you for letting me share in your topic today.