Open Door to Syracuse

06.19.15 | Family Life Mornings

Family Life has been given exclusive rights (until the middle of August) to purchase two FM radio stations that would cover both Syracuse and parts of Central New York, including Utica and Rome. The addition of these stations would not only complete the coverage plan that the Board of Directors envisioned some years ago for New York, but would make Family Life’s radio, performing arts, and Biblical counseling programs available to nearly one-million more people! Needless to say, this is an incredible answer to our prayers.


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on 02.29.16 Mary C. commented

SOOO EXCITED that Family Life is coming!!! We used to get the station sporadically from the Clyde station...always weather permitting. We've missed your programming style and programs. Many of our remembered radio personalities are no longer there, but we look forward to enjoying the current staff. Actually saw a newspaper article about the programming switch a few weeks ago. COME ON APRIL!!!!