Mark Lee of Third Day

09.01.17 | Sonny Delfyette

Mark Lee is a founding member and guitarist of the award-winning Third Day! How did the Lord bring this group together 25-years ago? Why is their 13th album 'Revival' so special to the group? Mac Powell not only helped Mark as a band-mate, but as a Christian too, but how? And how can literally getting hit by a truck be a good thing? Mark talks to Sonny about all of that, plus his new book 'Hurt Road' in this 15 minute interview.


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on 03.18.18 Hendrika commented

Mark, I have listened to the words of one of the releases about missing God's design. I have been convinced of this also and have done studies in this regard. I believe there is so much more and that we only need to look deeper to find more truth. I would love to share what the Lord has revealed to me thus far about His design. My contact e-mail is