LEAH 2015: Jeni Chase

06.05.15 | Terese Main

Jeni Chase is a ladies and marriage conference speaker who manages to infuse joy into her life, despite many trials.  She shares on embracing, and spreading God's hope.  Find out more about her ministry at www.jenichasespeaking.com.

Jeni grew up in Kansas.  She and her husband David have been married for 21 years and live in Apalachin, New York with their four daughters.

Jeni worked as a professional counselor for the Christian Counseling Center in Johnson City, NY, and was the former Executive Director of the Pregnancy Crisis Center in Wichita, KS.  She currently serves as Co-Director for the Braided Cord Cooperative in the Binghamton, NY area which provides educational opportunities and community for over 45 home school families.  

Jeni is more than just a dynamic speaker.  Her presentation is energized by her authentic passion for sharing the message God has given her.  Drawing from her experience as a Christian counselor, ministry leader, home school educator, wife, and mother, Jeni artfully combines her ready wit with touching, real-life stories to illuminate what she’s learned about boldly facing the everyday challenges of living on this side of heaven.  Her infectious energy welcomes you and her articulate ability to speak the truth engages you.  Her message is sparked by her contagious enthusiasm and love for people and laughter.

Jeni speaks to women’s gatherings, MOPS groups, home school conferences, marriage retreats, Christian Colleges and churches.  


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