Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Event

09.18.15 | Sonny Delfyette

Sonny chats with David Murrow, author of "Why Do Men Hate Going To Church?" David is the keynote speaker of the Iron Sharpens Iron Men's event in Buffalo, Saturday October 3rd. David was an Elder in his church when he noticed, he was bored. He said, "I was not alone. Truth is, a lot faithful, churchgoing men are not all that excited come Sunday morning. Quite a few attend out of habit, surviving on the memories of victories won years ago. Others attend services simply to keep their wives happy. Most guys do nothing midweek to grow in faith. Few churches are able to sustain a viable men’s ministry. Why are men so bored in our churches? Of course, there are the hypocrites. But even men who are born-again, Spirit-filled, longtime Christians are clamming up and dropping out. What’s going on?" David hopes to answer that at the Iron Sharpens Iron Event at the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, Saturday October 3rd. Go to for tickets and information. Or call 716-628-8891







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