Inside Out 253: But I Want THAT

08.08.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

When we covet, we long to possess what someone else has. Our culture encourages this. The desire for more, in fact, fuels the American economy.

While coveting may be good for the economy, it’s bad for the soul. It sets us up for dissatisfaction, for defining ourselves by what we own (or don’t own), for substituting the quest for a new car or an upholstered sofa for the quest for more meaningful things. Like God.

Coveting is sin.

That said, it’s a sin that we’ve domesticated. Like gluttony and greed-- and perhaps a more serious view of Sabbath observance—we’ve given it a comfortable home in our lives. Most of us take regular trips to the mall to refresh our wardrobes or upgrade our electronics. Many collect website addresses to illustrate the new look we want for the living room décor. While coveting is a part of our lives, it doesn’t seem to be a frequent study topic in Sunday school or small group gatherings. We’re content with the desire to acquire, thank you very much.

So maybe it’s time to talk about coveting, along with some of the other oh-so-cozy sins that separate us from God’s desires for us. In that spirit we present this Inside Out conversation with Michelle Van Loon. Michelle’s a spouse, mother, grandmother, blogger, communications director and author. The inspiration for this conversation comes from her her.meneutics blog post: “Green with Housing Envy: Bursting the Bubble of Coveting My Neighbor's Home.”

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Read Michelle’s July 16, 2012 her.meneutics blog by clicking here:


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