Inside Out 244: Looking Your Age?

05.09.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

How did we get here--to where we rarely question our focus on looking young? And don’t stop reading because you are a man . . . you’re knee deep in this as well. (Let’s be honest. One of the nicest things you’ve heard in a long time was when someone said: “You don’t look your age.”)

You might tell me, “Age is a number.” Maybe you’ll say, “We’re healthier now--40, 60 and 80 just don’t look like they did when our grandparents were children.”

Seriously? The fact that we’re running the track, searching out the best emollients and buying Clairol in bulk has nothing to do with the discovery that antioxidants help prevent coronary heart disease. 

Bottom line: we’re afraid. Honestly, we’re afraid for good reason. Age is judged. Even a little bit of it can discount a person’s beauty and worth. We know. We know because we used to be the judges. And because of this, for many, looking like we’re growing older is just not an option (though I doubt our efforts are fooling anyone).

Author and blogger Michelle Van Loon has something to say about this in her March 2012 her.meneutics blog post. It’s titled: “Is It a Sin to Look Your Age?” That question, I think, opens the door to a discussion many of us are not having. We’re not talking about how far adrift we’ve gotten from God’s perspective (and truth) on beauty and value. And because we’re not talking about it, as a church we—even subconsciously—may be overlooking those in the Body of Christ who, in part because they are older, have a great deal to add. And I’m not just talking about wisdom. I’m also thinking of humor. And experience. And maybe a good barbeque sauce recipe.

Join us (by clicking on an icon above) for a conversation about fear, beauty, and radical women. Then let us know what you think by typing a comment or two below.

Click here to read “Is It a Sin to Look Your Age?” Van Loon’s March 2012 her.meneutics blog post:


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on 05.09.12 Darlene Dorward commented

Hi! Thank you for addressing this issue of looking your age is OK! In 1997, I was 41 and had decided to let my gray hair come in naturally because I was a Mom of six boys and found glances of some of my then 23, 20, and 18yr old son's friends making me uncomfortable. Looking back, I'm so thankful that I listened to the Holy Spirits leading, I didn't obey right away by any means, but when my l8yr old son a year later was suddenly killed, I felt comfortable helping those friends of my young son grieve his death. I could approach them as a "Mom"! I'm now 56 and my hair is silver and it attributes to the confidence of who I am as a "woman of God"!

on 05.09.12 Martha commented

Thanks, Darlene, for sharing your story as an encouragement to so many of us.

And I am sorry for your loss and pray that every day God's Holy Spirit is a comfort to you through your friends and His direct intervention.




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