Got A Minute-How to deal with wicked people

02.17.15 | Steve Smith

When certain people act mean toward you because you're a Christian, how are you supposed to act toward them?


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on 02.17.15 Rose Jensen commented

Steve, I listened to you this morning as you talked about dealing with the wicked. I was really taken back by what you said - that we are not to rebuke the wicked, but to love them. That they become defenseless when they don't know how to respond to being loved.
I know and understand what Jesus has told us; that we are to love one another. But I heard Sarah on the newscast reporting that ISIS has murdered 20 Christians basically in cold blood; murdered them because of their faith in Jesus Christ.
How do I love someone like that? As I pondered this driving to work, the Lord reiterated in my heart that I am to pray for them. I may not be able to feel love for them right now, but I will pray for them, and pray for all who fall victim to their horrendous and brutal murders. And pray for me to be able to love as Jesus loves. Not to judge (boy, that's a tough one!) but to try to see them as God does. God loves all of His children.
Thank you for being the vehicle the Lord used to reach my heart this morning.