Got A Minute- Putting that Bible verse into real life

03.03.15 | Steve Smith

When life suddenly jolts you, the Word of God is what sustains you. Listen to this real-life example.


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on 03.03.15 Nancy Rupert commented

Steve, I was shocked when I heard your got a Minute this morning. I know John and Hiromi Stemmons. I lived in Tulsa and met them at Grace Fellowship Church. Did you attend Grace Fellowship? I know there was a Steve Smith who graduated from the School of the Local Church. I had just talked to John on Facebook about 3 weeks ago and then he called me and I missed his call. I was driving to work in Indiana, Pa when I heard. I am from Kittanning, Pa. If you would like to email me, my email is or I am on Facebook, listed as one of John's friends. I knew John better than Hiromi, but I did know her as well. Thanks for your Got a Minute. I always enjoy it.