Got A Minute- A Mom Reminder

05.10.16 | Steve Smith

It's great to let Mom know how important she is on Mothers Day, but what about the other days of the year?


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on 05.10.16 Carol Carroll commented

Thank you. This is so beautiful that I cried. I can't to share it with my friends and family.
God bless you and yours.
Carol Carroll ♡

on 05.10.16 Debbie commented

Is there a written script of this somewhere? It was great and I wanted to share it.

on 05.10.16 Barbara commented

I agree with Debbie. I would love to email this to my daughter and would like to know if there is a written script It is so beautiful. Thank you for broadcasting it.

on 05.11.16 Martha commented

I also agree with the other women. I would love to share this in writing with my Bible Study group. Can you tell us if this is written down somewhere?
Thank you for making my day yesterday.

on 05.12.16 Carol Carroll commented

I'm at my 2nd women's group meeting and would have loved to have read the Worth of a Woman to them.