Glorious Unfolding - Jason Gray

11.05.13 | Sonny Delfyette

Family Life interviewed all of The Glorious Unfolding Tour artists, and wrapped up its live broadcast with Jason Gray. The first thing Jason talked about was his speech impediment, but then Jason shared how the Lord uses him because of it.


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on 11.05.13 Tammy commented

You must know your music help heal me and thank God for so many musicians ....Aaron, mark ,Matt,,tom,Chris. Rest of down here sorry don't remember names good oh Steven you guys longtime .I saw you guys in lewisburg an you caught my heart my little girl we we're by book store .Thank you...I miss the show I have no car an don't know my way in NY an no phone ths just is his...I am sad I wanted to go but I am not allowed to go if I walk...I can but I am cold an faraway...wish you all could have
coIffee ...I wrote some song an my daughter did also