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on 10.29.09 Elaine Renoire commented

Sara Harvey reminds us that guardianship is supposed to be in the best interest of the ward - clearly Gary Harvey's guardianship goes against his best interest.

How can languishing institutionalized for going on 4 years be in Gary Harvey's best interest, especially when his wife pleads to bring him home to familiar surroundings and the companionship of his loved ones?

Not only that, but bringing Gary Harvey home will protect him from unnecessary exposure to viruses and germs that run rampant in the hospital and in nursing facilities. Swine flu is on the rise. Gary Harvey will be better protected at home rather than in a hospital where persons with swine flu come for treatment.

It's in Gary Harvey's best interest to go home. It's also in the public's best interest as the cost of Gary Harvey's care will be far less expensive if he's at home.

Pray for Gary's spirit to hold out until Sara can get him home. And pray for Sara's strength to continue fighting for her husband's rights and liberties.

on 10.29.09 Lori Duboys commented

NASGA has been following this case.
Sara is putting up a terrific fight, and we wish her well.

I believe the County is clearly in the wrong, and is just attempting to cover up their wrongdoing.

on 12.03.09 kim p commented

St Joes does little in the interest of patients, and only lokks toward the bottom line,how to get more money. If your poor they treat you very badly. I will never go there again, even if i am dying!