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on 06.18.12 Marcy Rossi commented

I just read the book and it's amazing! Great album too :)
Way to go Tiffany!

on 06.19.12 Nathaniel Barlett commented

Thank you so much for sharing that podcast. It was great. I shared it with a couple friends who have been struggling with this issue. This podcast, although ment for ladies, is also good for young men, because they struggling with the "looks" issue too. Thanks again for sharing this.

on 06.19.12 Nathaniel Barlett commented

Many people in today world think that "looks" and personal features only apply to young ladies and women, but that is simply not the case. Men are faced with these same issues, yes maybe in different context but in the same ways. This podcast is great and is a great resource to people struggling with this issue!