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on 02.02.12 Diane Montigney commented

My comment is it should be up to the Pastor. Our church has a Superbowl "souperbowl" party at our rec center. Everyone is invited and asked to make their favorite soup and bring it with you. We watch the game together and eat together. Since we have 5 services on any given sunday morning, this is a great opportunity for us to get to know some of the new people attending the church and also bring in others who may never enter a church door! The game is played on a moving screen at the Rock Rec Center and tables are set up with soups, deserts, etc.(also table to eat at as well. It is a great way to celebrate together & cheer for your team and still watch the game with christian fellowship. This year they are adding a christian movie to be shown at 3pm and then pregame show will start right after.
No one is missing church and we all have a good time in the Lord. Pastor Dan excludes some of the suggestive commercials so they are blocked (victoria secret, etc.)
Just a suggestion! It works for us!!!

on 02.03.12 Rick Peters commented

I think it is sad we even have to ask that question.It shows us where our loyalty and love is in the the body of Christ. God is a jeolous God and should not take 2nd to anybody or anything.We use outreach as a excuse sometime I believe, but we do not need entertianment to reach soul what we need is the power of the Holy Spirit.

on 02.03.12 Jack Beckstrom commented

I think each church has to decide based on their normal sunday evening service schedule. Our church doesn't have an evening service, so we are inviting a few other couples from church to our house for the game and fun fellowship. Oh and food... lots of food lol

on 02.03.12 Deb commented

Our church does not have service on
Mothers Day or Fathers Day or Super Bowl Sunday. Opting instead to promote that EXTRA family time that the first two offer us .
As for the Super Bowl... My family pretends to like it, so we can eat snacks and be silly cheering for the teams , which we really KNOW nothing about.
For those who gather to just drink alcohol while they watch the game??? Maybe we shouldn't be saying things that scare them from church on the other Sundays (c:
As for the commercials? They go overboard in sexual innuendo and insult of people and are not MY favotite part at all. Hoping for a Focus On The Family commercial tho'.

on 02.03.12 Jeff commented

I have been in the church all my life, I am 53. This whole discussion is ridiculous !!! If we are not secure enough in our relationship with Christ that we cannot miss a service to do something we enjoy, It is crazy !! As we live and move in relationship with Christ, he is with us as much in church as when we are on the toilet !! If we can build relationship with an unbeliever, during the process of watching a game, all the better. Remember, we are the only reflection of Christ that some people will ever see. They won't see it if we are always in church. They will see it if we are willing to hang out with the "unbelievers" as Jesus did. He was appealing to the sinner, why did they all hang out with him ? Christ has come to give us life, and to give the life to the people that will never step foot inside a church as well. But they will only get it, if we are real enough to step out and show them what that life looks like.

on 02.03.12 Jay Wright commented

I think about Christians around the world who are persecuted, and they hear about Americans not going to Church... because of a game?! And what if Jesus came back Super Bowl Sunday TO the church, and they were empty?

on 02.06.12 Laurie commented

Those of us that keep the 4th commandment do not have a problem with the first day of the week's activities.Sabbath is meant to be kept holy, that was God's gift to us. And Jesus kept it as his custom :)Sabbath was instituted at creation and is still meant for us today.praise God