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on 02.14.11 Jeremy Lundmark commented

I only have two reasons for not vaccinating...

1. The government is too involved. "safety" is the tool
Of the tryrant. Whenever I'm told my freedoms are being
Revoked "for my own safety" I run for dear life. Give me
Liberty or give me death. Some Americans still hold to
That principle. Freedom, in this country has always been
considered more valuable than life. The day we value life
above freedom we cease to America the free, and home
of the brave.

2. Scientists are only right until they're wrong
Jonathan Edwards was killed because he was
Inoculated for small pox. Ironically, Edwards was
A supporter and received the vaccine to encourage
Others to do the same.

For me, this little episode was a bit too broad in title.
This appeared to be about child vaccination which I'm
Certain has more scientific backing than say the flu vaccine.

I think it's a little short sighted to lump all vaccines into the
"scientifically" proven category based in the effectiveness
Of some. I have never been vaccinated for the flu, nor have
I ever suffered annually from it.

I would fight, and even die, for the freedom to be vaccinated,
but the day it's forced upon me or my children the enemy will
be altogether different.

on 02.14.11 Jocelyn commented

I do not vaccinate because vaccines are made using tissues from aborted fetuses. This is absolutely immoral.
Please click on the link below to educate yourself on this important topic.

on 02.14.11 Jeremy commented

I was disappointed in how "one sided" this was as a news story.

Throughout the interview Dr. Offit gave his opinion as fact. There are just as many who's opinions lean just as strongly in the other direction.

Even Dr. Offit stressed the importance of science based information. There are many independent studies that show that dangers of vaccinations. Even those studies in favor of vaccines have found that the results are inconclusive.

I would have liked to have had the other side of the story told. I look forward to the possibility of that still taking place.

For a good synopsis of several common vaccines and their reported effectiveness go to

on 02.14.11 Raj commented

I was pleased to hear a doctor provide a level headed response to this issue. There is too much fear being perpetrated by hysteria out there. Science it seems has taken a backseat to hype. The anti-vaccine movement is scarey and it's time parents wake up and stop buying the hype - it's killing our kids.

on 02.17.11 DLJ commented

As a nutritionist, I believe that if given the proper nutrients, God has designed our bodies to heal themselves. God is our healer, not man. As a Mom, I believe that injecting my family with animal cells, aborted fetuses, thimerisol, mercury, etc.. Is just plain insane! These are all toxic to our bodies.
A vaccine is designed to, allegedly, boost our immune systems. Studying science I have found that this is actually not the case. The opposite effect is what we end up with.
Consider this, you want to build muscle in your body; so you have a coach come in everyday and help you lift weights. Meaning, your hands are on the barbells, but your coach is doing the lifting. Will you build muscle? No! Your not doing the work. The same with vaccines. They are coming in and doing the work for the immune system. Which in turn makes the immune system weaker. ( Not to mention the effects of the toxic substances that are being injected also wreak havoc on the immune system. )Years down the road after your body no longer has an immune system you will be more susceptible to many other diseases. It's a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped.

on 03.08.11 RJ commented

just wondering ... the hundreds of people who are supposedly becoming infected by being exposed to a non-vaccinate person who has contracted the disease (ie: measles) -- weren't those hundreds of people vaccinated? If the vaccinations were effective, the only person potentially harmed is the person who is not vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated are supposedly protected. Since they contracted the disease anyway, obviously the vaccine isn't as effective as the authorities claim.

Would we have this controversy and "crisis" if one of the vaccinated population went abroad, contracted the disease, came home and exposed hundreds of people?

What's the difference?

Vaccines are not as safe OR effective as the industry claims.