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on 03.26.11 Becki commented

I attended this workshop and wanted to say it was refreshing to hear a faith-based approach to healing violent relationships. Having studied this subject for many years since getting out of a violent situation, I have never before heard so much hopeful information. The couples who shared their success stories were inspiring. The handouts were excellent.

When I went to our pastors for help (4 different pastors at different churches) they always gave very bad advice, which made the situation worse and worse. It is shameful that there is no training available to pastors on this subject. It forces victims to turn to the world for help, and the only hope they can offer is escape for the woman, with nothing to help the abuser, except "anger management" support groups. Those are worse than useless for batterers. They never address the core issues that lead to domestic violence!

I wish every church in the FLN listening area had sent staff to hear what was shared. I hope this kind of workshop is presented again so more pastors and staff can attend, and more women can get the help they should receive from the Body of Christ.